Future Planning

Two Parks & One Town


“Two Parks + One Town” refer to the Advanced Polymer Materials Industrial Park, the Aerospace Composite Materials Industrial Park and the KDX Future Town. With a total planned investment of 180 billion yuan, the project will be jointly promoted by KDX, Kangde Group, Zhangjiagang Municipal People’s Government and China Vanke Co., Ltd., while attracting related industries and industrial capital from all over the world. It will become a new base for advanced polymer materials and carbon fiber composite materials in China.

Aerospace Composite Materials Industrial Park

Covering an area of 1.49 square kilometers, the park will be developed into a production and service platform of carbon fiber aerospace materials through international cooperation and integration of global resources. It is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of aerospace structural components, especially the design, manufacturing and testing techniques of advanced aerospace composite materials and processing of large structural components in composite materials. It is aimed at promoting China-developed passenger aircrafts C919 and C929 to serve both Chinese and international aviation markets.

Polymer Materials Industrial Park

The park, which covers an area of 5.15 square kilometers, relies on KDX’s industrial foundation in terms of polymer materials. With KDX as the focus, it attracts upstream and downstream industries while integrating relevant industrial resources around the world to build a industrial base of polymer materials.

KDX Future Town

The KDX Future Town will be jointly built by KDX, Kangde Group, and China Vanke Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Zhangjiagang Municipal People’s Government. As the talent engine and growth driver of the Advanced Polymer Materials Industrial Park and the Aerospace Composite Materials Industrial Park, the town will integrate scientific research, exhibition, life, commerce, education and entertainment, and become a green, livable town of science and technology that gathers polymer industries and talented people from around the world.