KDX and koobee Co-developed koobee F2 3D Version



  On April 26, 2018, at the 2018 spring new product launch at Wanda Realm Hotel Nanjing, koobee officially launched a new member of its F series  koobee F2 glasses-free 3D version, which was another popular 3D terminal following Konka S1 Mirage, a 3D smartphone introduced by Konka this year.

  Since the worlds first glasses-free 3D smartphone was introduced by Changhong and KDX in 2015, more and more first- and second-tier manufacturers have resorted to glasses-free 3D technology. In 2016, Grand S II 7 Max and V5 3G Smartphone, which adopted KDXs glasses-free 3D technology, appeared on the market. In 2017, eight well-known 3C brands at home and abroad, including Samsung, UNNO, Elephone, Blackview, Laoli Intelligence, Shenxian, Zhonglianrun and Kete, introduced a dozen 3D products with KDX. In the early spring of 2018, Konka S1 Mirage and koobee F2 made their debuts.