Samsung Laptop "Pupil 3D" Goes on Sale in JD and Suning KDX's Glasses-free 3D Raises a Storm of Vision Evolution


November 1, Samsung laptop "Pupil 3D", the world's first Glasses-free  3D laptop, was officially launched in JD and Suning and received warm market response. As an innovative product, more than 4400 “Pupil 3D” laptops have currently been booked, which is praised as the one "to the start button of the 3D display era".


Pupil 3D's Perfect 3D Effect


With inherited craftsman quality, Samsung "Pupil 3D" is equipped with Core G7 I5 CPU, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, as well as 940MX 2GB discrete graphics. The biggest highlight of this product is its screen made by the world's advanced G3 Glasses-free 3D technology from KDX, which allows the consumers to freely switch between 2D working interface and 3D entertainment scene.


With the help of over thousand of Glasses-free 3D core patented technologies, the global Glasses-free 3D leader KDX delivers light, thin, transparent products that give good brightness, high definition, perfect imaging quality and user experience and shows the real life details based on full HD FHD display screen with a wide viewing angle and a high color reduction degree. The camera tracking system renders 3D effects everywhere and makes the consumers strongly immersed whether playing games or watching movies.


Excellent 3D technology also needs support from massive and high quality 3D content. "Pupil 3D" comes with "3D Dongdong Player" which can provide tens of thousands of movies, documentaries, MTV, pictures, games and other 3D contents and allow the consumers to enjoy the shocking experience of 3D content freely and comfortably.


"Pupil 3D" integrates striking 3D display and good computer configuration and has unique characteristics that obviously distinguish from other laptops, giving the consumers different experience and breaking the previous dimension of laptop competition, which has become the biggest highlight in the market.


At present, competition is fierce and dazzling models are launched lot by lot in the laptop market, however, how to avoid homogeneity becomes the biggest challenge that the laptop manufacturers are facing. Facing the traditional competition mode "light, thin and big" of laptop market, "Pupil 3D" initiates a new way to upgrade 2D to 3D, which instantly rewrites the competition rules in the laptop market.


Supported by the world's best technology, Samsung, the world’ leading manufacturer devoted to best products, creates "Pupil 3D", an epoch-making product which breaks new trend of Glasses-free 3D-led PC development and global 3C market and will lead an approaching global 3D storm.