The First Glasses-free 3D City Micro Movie Jointly Created by KDX Won Awards at Canada Golden Maple Film Festival


Recently, the Canada Golden Maple Film Festival came to an end, the micro movie "Hear Your Voice" jointly created by KDX Group and Zhangjiagang TV Station stood out from the 31 works and won the award of Outstanding 3D Short Film, becoming the only award-winning city image micro movie in the film festival.



Micro Movie "Hear Your Voice"


Canada Golden Maple Film Festival, jointly launched by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China and the three level governments (federal, provincial and municipal) of Canada, is an international platform for the exchange and promotion of Chinese and Western film cultures. A total of 513 theatrical movies, online movies, micro movies, creative movies and documentaries all around the world participated in the competition in this event. However, only 89 films were listed and 53 films were awarded.


"Hear Your Voice", with the story line of a Beijing girl looking for love, expresses the love for Zhangjiagang City from the voice she heard throughout the city in a third-person perspective. KDX 3D Content Production Center offers a full set of 3D movie production solutions and is involved in screenwriting, sub-script, filming, post-production and special effects production for the whole movie. With the technical support of the world's most advanced 3D camera equipment, "Hear Your Voice" is the first movie that is made with 6 different models of 3D machines, 3D horizontal and vertical support, UAVs and other professional photography equipment. Finally, it conquered the judges and won this international award by virtue of delicate and charming emotion expression mode and vivid 3D expression technique.


Site of Award Ceremony




This award shows KDX's global leading advantage in 3D contents. As a global leader in the field of 3D, KDX has been active in creating 3D contents and building 3D ecological platform in addition to leading the global 3D hardware terminal. Besides the construction of the video and game 3D content platform, KDX has built a 3D content production center, which adopts the Hollywood 3D movie production technology, and provides 3D content services including 3D shooting, production, broadcast control, distribution and promotion. The award-winning micro-movie is one of the outstanding works the team launched last year.


While the strategic cooperation on Glasses-free 3D reached by KDX and Samsung Group on September 6 indicated that KDX's 3D technology has been approved by world-class manufacturers, this award embodied that KDX's 3D content production has reached the international advanced level. Relying on the world-leading 3D ecological platform, a visual revolution led by KDX has already come.